September 2015

Why Fibre is Today's Future

Why fibre is your all-access key to today’s on-demand entertainment

Ever wonder why the TV show you’re watching on Netflix suddenly dips in visual quality? Or why the movie you’re streaming from Apple TV keeps pausing and buffering, pausing and buffering?

That’s likely your home’s Internet connection, straining under the pressure of carrying so much data along its low-capacity copper wire core. That or it’s your ISP, intentionally throttling your connection speed in an effort to handle the skyrocketing data demands of your entire neighbourhood, which might be binge watching the latest season of House of Cards.

Either way, the root cause is the same: What we ask of the Internet today is drastically different than it was even just five years ago. The incredible diversity of on-demand and streaming media services we have at our fingertips has turned entire entertainment industries upside-down—including ISPs.

Who is Axia?

Art Price CEO


It started with a simple idea.

Like all great companies, it started with a simple idea.  Over a decade ago, we looked at the variable quality of Internet service available to Albertans and thought – we can do better!

Our team set out to provide flexible, dependable quality Internet at an affordable price for all Albertans – not just those living in the big cities.

Today, community leaders know that having reliable, high speed Internet is vital to attracting and building a vibrant population. Rural communities have just as much need as major urban centres for genuine and affordable, high speed Internet with world-class communication capabilities.


Tired of slow Internet? Join Generation AXIA and become the next fibre optic community

Calgary, Alberta (September 23, 2015) – Axia is today launching the Generation Axia campaign to bring fibre optic Internet to more rural Alberta communities in 2016. While the province’s largest Internet service providers are focused on delivering fibre optic Internet to major urban centres, Axia is committed to connecting rural Alberta residents with each other and the world.